Southern Farms Employee Share Trust

Southern Farms Employee Share Trust

SCMM was instrumental in the creation of Southern Farms Employees Share Trust. The trust gives Southern Farms farmworkers the opportunity to acquire a stake in the company which promotes a sense of ownership and improves productivity. The trust currently has 105 beneficiaries, and aims to provide additional motivation to the permanent workforce, through collective ownership in the business and the opportunity to grow professionally in the group. Southern Farms is a Level 4BEE contributor that has developed a transformation strategy that considers appointing black people as part of management. The company maintains a workforce of over 1500 employees with 241 representing permanent positions while the remaining employees are seasonal labourers hired during the planting and harvesting phases of grapes and dates.

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At SCMM our aim is to grow the highest quality produce in a sustainable manner, effectively managing and protecting the areas natural resources and actively engaging in practices that reduce environmental impact. Corporate social responsibility shapes all actions and decisions.

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