The Sunshine Project On Southern Farms

The Sunshine Project On Southern Farms

The Sunshine Project supports up between 40 and 80 children per day on Southern Farms, depending on the time of the year. SCMM remains actively involved in this project through:

  • The supply and continual upgrade of facilities
  • Appointment of Health and Youth Coordinator to manage the creche and implement an Early Childhood Development plan

  • Support and staff training for the ECD programme which will include, among other, First Aid training for female workers to ensure the children’s health needs are catered for (Annually)
    • Accurate report keeping
    • Necessary vaccinations
    • Regular developmental assessment

  • Support and contribution to the feeding scheme
  • To offer parental support to our workers with children
  • Ensure a safe and secure environment for the children, enabling Southern Farms to accommodated more female farm workers form designated groups.
  • Provide Guidance and support to ensure physical, mental and spiritual development & stability among the young farm children on Southern Farms
  • Administrative support with childrens medical and development records
  • Administrative support in the form of sourcing additional sponsorships and funding

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